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Administrative Law Services

I specialize in administrative law and have extensive hearing experience.  I represent licensees in all aspects of administrative proceedings, including appeals of citations, settlement of formal administrative proceedings, full hearings and post hearing proceedings. I provide an honest assessment of cases so that you can make an informed decision about your case.  You should not have to navigate the administrative process alone.  I strongly advocate for my clients during settlement, hearings and post hearing proceedings.

I have over 20 years practicing administrative law.  As a former attorney for the State of California I have a unique understanding of the process and the factors that determine outcomes of hearings. 

I represent clients in following administrative legal situations:

  • Complaint Investigations
  • License Application and Denials

  • Responding to Temporary Suspension Orders, Accusations, Statement of Issues, Employee Exclusion Actions, and Notice of Adverse Actions
  • Settlement Proceedings and Negotiations
  • Administrative Hearings
    State Personnel Board Hearings
    Office of Administrative Hearings
    Local agency Hearings
  • Post Hearing Procedures
    Petitions for Writ of Administrative Mandamus (akin to appeal to Superior Court of an Administrative Decision and Order)
    Petition for Reconsideration after Decision and Order issued by agency
    Petition for Reinstatement
    Petition to Revoke Probation

Recent Successes in Administrative Law Matters

Medical Board: Public Reprimand after hearing; Successful Petition for Writ of Administrative Mandamus in which the Superior Court judge set aside the Medical Board’s Decision and Order which revoked physician’s license.

Department of Social Services: Decision and Order placing Day Care Home Licensee on Probation after allegations of overcapacity and hiding children; Criminal record clearance for client still on probation for DUI; Proposed decision dismissing accusation; probation for RCFE licensee accused of elder abuse; and dismissal of $43,800 civil penalty.

State Personnel Board: Dismissal of Notice of Adverse Action after hearing, reconsideration hearing after agency was granted a reconsideration. (Case was made Precedential Decision.)   

San Francisco Superior Court: Civil Matter in which care provider was accused of shaking a baby.  After three day trial, there was a holding of no liability.

Board of Registered Nursing: Settled cases involving charting errors, patient harm, DUI, and others with favorable probation conditions, Successfully obtained probation after Reconsideration proceeding in which Administrative Law Judge issued Decision and Order proposing revocation of license.